Flight Dynamic Math Model Development

T-129 ATAK Helicopter FFS-Level D (Turkey)

Aerotim Engineering is responsible for the development of the flight dynamic model for Havelsan’s ongoing ATAK T-129 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) Level-D Turkish Army Helicopter Simulator Program. The physics based math models include all aerodynamic behavior, Automatic Flight Control System algorithms (AFCS) models, turbine engine models, FADEC functions, transmission models, malfunction and emergency procedures , ground handling, etc.

Aerotim Engineering was selected as a single source vendor in 2013, after Aerotim’s reputation in simulator programs in Turkey.

Airbus Helicopter Family FFS (EASA Level D) (EU Countries)

Aerotim Engineering has developed flight dynamic math models for the Airbus helicopter family’s Full Flight Simulator (all EASA Level D). Aerotim’s core flight simulation software, along with its blade element rotor model, fenestron and modern autopilot software is used at the heart of the software. The software is developed for European customers using flight test data, measurements and open literature information only. Aerotim is involved in all phases of the programs from data gathering to development, integration, pilot tuning, testing and certification. All models are EASA Level D certified. Simulators are up and in running in Europe.

Blackhawk S-70 and Cougar Helicopter FFS-Level D (Turkey)

Aerotim Engineering participated in the development of the FFS (Level D) at Havelsan in Turkey.
Contributions for the Seahawk/Blackhawk (Helsim) S-70 and Cougar Helicopter Programs include the following areas:
• Aerodynamics and rotor dynamics
• Automatic flight control and stability augmentation systems
• Propulsion system and control unit
• Transmission models
• Dynamic modeling of external loads
• Hoist Cargo operations
• Malfunction and emergency scenarios
• Generating (test and computation) aeromechanical data for Level-D modeling

Fixed Wing Aircraft Simulation

Despite the fact that Aerotim Engineering is well-known for its presence in the helicopter simulator market, the company has also done substantial work for fixed-wing aircraft simulators. Aerotim Engineering was involved in numerous fixed-wing flight simulator programs both at the level of engineering consultancy and also in software development.
Currently, an ongoing program is to develop a training device for a small fixed wing aircraft. Another recent focus is the in-house development of the Boeing 737 aircraft simulation.

Full Flight Simulator Project Management and Consultancy

Aerotim Engineering has been in the Full Flight Simulator business for +10 years, has accumulated tremendous experience and has a strong global network in the simulator market. Therefore, Aerotim Engineering has been a strong partner for the development of Full Flight Simulators.

recent projects

Engine Control Units

Aerotim Engineering is the only company in Turkey to date who has developed, integrated, tested and flown Engine Control Units for Turbine Engines. The Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) Unit is development for small turbine engines for UAVs, and is going through its 5. generation product cycle for major turbine engine developers in Turkey.

Control Algorithms for an Unmanned Helicopter

Aerotim Engineering has developed and validated flight control algorithms for autonomous flight for unmanned helicopter platforms. The algorithms included:

  • Stability Augmentation
  • Attitude Controller
  • Waypoint navigation Controller

These sub-systems have been used in actual flight and demonstrated full controllability of the aircraft.


FNPT Level II Helicopter Flight Simulators

Aerotim Engineering is currently developing a number of FNPT-Level II flight simulators with very accurate high fidelity in-house built math models. The simulators are for both single and multi-engine light utility helicopters.


Multi-GPU Based Free-Wake Solver

The 3D unsteady free-vortex wake panel solver is currently being updated for increased functionality and to run on multiple GPUs.

This software is unique in the sense that it exploits high level of parallelism inherent to panel solvers with a Graphics Processing Unit, or GPU, to provide astonishing computational speed-up. This software is the only free-wake solver in the market that offers the capability to perform calculations on a GPU. Currently, a speed-up by a factor of about 100 has been achieved using a single GPU, rendering highly computationally intensive problems realizable in order of minutes.


Active Control Technologies

A 15+ years of experience goes into the novel control and limit margin estimation methods currently being developed at Aerotim in conjunction with the Simulation, Controls and Avioncs Lab of the Aerospace Engineering Department of METU. The algorithms are integrated with in-house build fixed wing and rotary wing simulators for verification. The aera of Envelope Protection has been a major area for R&D and scientific publication for Aerotim Engineering and is supported by major Turkish research funds.


Waypoint Navigation for a Parafoil

As part of a research project, Aerotim Engineering has developed flight control systems and waypoint navigation algorithms for a parafoils. The objective was to deliver a given payload to some known target destination. An inner loop was used to stabilize, while an outer loop controller provided reference for the inner loop controller to steer the parafoil in controlled manner. It was shown that the waypoint navigation algorithm could safely steer the parafoil and deliver a payload to target location under variable wind conditions.