about us

Aerotim Engineering has been active in the flight simulator business for over 10 years. The work ranges from project management and consultancy to software development of sub-systems, to high-fidelity flight dynamic model development, all the way to fully integrated FNPT and FFS-type EASA Level D simulators. Aerotim Engineering has been a key player in recent major helicopter simulator projects in Europe and Turkey (All EASA Level D certifiable). The company is a single source vendor for helicopter simulator flight dynamics software in Turkey.

At Aerotim Engineering our strongest asset is our people. We focus on talent and highly motivated people and employ only the best. All engineers hold a PhD or MS degree from top universities. A strong foundation of scientific research, blended with real life experience brings an unprecedented value to our company and to you.

We take pride in excellence in our work and look forward to be your solution partner.

Management Team

Dr. Ilkay Yavrucuk
Founder, CEO

Dr. Ilkay Yavrucuk received his MS and PhD degrees from the Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering of the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he later continued his work as a post-doctoral-fellow. His research field of interest is in flight mechanics and control with concentration in helicopter dynamics, rotorcraft modelling and simulation, automatic control systems and autonomous drone vehicles.


Dr. Oguz Uzol
Founding Partner, Energy Systems and Aerodynamics

Dr. Oguz Uzol received his PhD degree from Penn State University. He continued his research studies as a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins University. His studies mainly concentrate on wind energy and wind turbines, gas turbines and propulsion systems, helicopter aerodynamics and experimental test and measurement.

Dr. Uzol is the co-founder at Aerotim Engineering and leads the group for energy systems and aerodynamics.


Onur Tarimci
Manager, Team Lead

Onur Tarimci received his MS and BS degrees from the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the Middle East Technical University. His studies concentrate on helicopter dynamics, simulation, and rotary wing control systems.

Mr. Tarimci is the lead of the modelling and simulation team.


Nil Ercan
Program Manager

Nil Ercan received her BS degree from the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the Middle East Technical University and BS in Business Administration from Anadolu University.

Mrs. Ercan is responsible for ongoing programs and business development.