Aerotim Engineering’s key capability is in flight dynamic modeling and simulation for aerospace applications and is a market leader in developing independent high fidelity flight dynamic models for Level D certifiable helicopter simulators using flight test data, measurements and open literature information only.

The physics based flight dynamic models are all in-house developed, owned by Aerotim Engineering and include all aerodynamic behavior, blade element rotor models, fuselage models, turbine engine and transmission models, aircraft flight control systems (AFCS), ground reactions, related malfunctions, atmospheric models etc.

The company can guide through flight test data gathering, development, integration, pilot tuning, testing, all the way to simulator certification. We have particular experience in Agusta Westland, Airbus Helicopter and Sikorsky Aircraft helicopters.

Here is a complete list of our fields of specialization:

  • Full Flight Simulator (with focus on helicopters)
    • FFS and FNPT level simulators
    • Certifiable flight dynamic models (up to Level D)
    • Rotor dynamics and aerodynamics
    • Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
    • Engine, ECU, transmissions
    • Malfunctions and emergency procedures
  • Development of control algorithms (with focus on rotary-wing platforms)
    • Stability augmentation systems
    • Automatic flight control systems
    • Flight control systems of UAVs
    • Active control technologies for envelope protection
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • General CFD applications
    • Free-Wake flow solvers
    • Helicopter rotor aerodynamics
    • Shipwake landing
    • Rotor-rotor interactions
  • Embedded systems (in compliance with military standards)
    • Embedded software and development
    • Autopilots for UAVs
    • Engine Control Units

Our References

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