A Comprehensive Helicopter Modeling, Simulation and Analysis Tool

Aerotim Engineering is the developer of Heli-Dyn+®, a rotary wing modeling, simulation and analysis software.

Heli-Dyn® is particulary popular in higher education and research labs. Heli-Dyn+® can export flight models into your C/C++ code, Matlab/Simulink environment or even fly into Flightgear or X-Plane for piloted simulation.Heli-Dyn+® uses sophisticated models like Peters-He Inflow Models, flapping dynamics, rotor-rotor interactions, ground effect modeling, ground reaction models, etc.

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Engineering Flight Simulator

Powered by Heli-Dyn+®, this simulator allows the user to generate models and instantly fly on the simulator. While different types of helicopters can be simulated instantly, it also helps engineers and students better understand the flight dynamics and handling qualities of helicopters.

The simulator features affordable but functional hardware, real-time software component integration, an easy to use Graphical User Interface, reconfigurable cockpit displays, X-plane visuals, etc.

The simulator is also integrated with Matlab/Simulink, so that control loops or additional dynamic models developed in Matlab/Simulink can interact with Heli-Dyn+®’s export model and all can run in real-time on the simulator. The user can tune, start/stop the Matlab/Simulink models without interrupting the simulation. This makes it a great development environment for generating and tuning new models in Matlab/Simulink.

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Multi-Functional Display (MFD)

A cost effective reconfigurable Multi-Functional Display (MFD) Unit is developed for simulator applications. The unit can run as a software component on a desktop computer and be displayed at any screen of choice, but also is available as a stand-alone unit for simulator manufacturers and simulator enthusiasts. The stand-alone unit is a packaged hardware and can be run via a power cable and a USB interface to any simulator environment.

The software is highly reconfigurable and can be adapted to any of your simulators. The default configuration resembles a Sikorsky UH-60 MFD Unit.

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Full-Authority Digital Engine Control Systems

Aerotim Engineering has developed an Engine Control Unit (ECU), which can also be configured to run as a Full Authority Digital Engine Control Units (FADEC). The products are aimed at small scale turbojet and turboprop engines. Developed units have +100 hours of flight and +1000 hours of ground testing. The product is MIL-STD-461F EMI/EMC and MIL-STD-810G environmental testing certified.

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GPU-Based Free-Wake Solver

A 3-D unsteady freewake vortex panel method is developed with an easy to use interface particularly for rotary wing applications. Our proprietary free-wake solver code runs on the graphical processing unit, or GPU, of a desktop computer, with a speed boost up to 100x (on an NVIDIA® 770GTX) compared to central processing unit (Intel® Core™ i7 series) based solvers. This performance linearly increases with newer and higher-end GPUs, and is currently being extended over multiple GPUs.

The code can handle any number of rotors and non-lifting bodies, features vortex core expansion and filament stretching models.

The geometries can be imported using most common file formats, rotors can be generated using the integrated blade geometry designer tool. The code is now also integrated into Heli-Dyn+®.

Fields of application include:

  • Modeling of rotary wing aircraft aerodynamics
  • Rotor-rotor and body-rotor interactions
  • Wind turbine blade design, performance evaluation and design validation
  • Wind farm wake interactions and layout optimization

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