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Free-Wake Solver

The GPU-Based Free-Wake Solver effectively utilizes the processing power of the GPU to dramatically accelerate turbulence-related calculations. The GPU-Based Free-Wake Solver – the only product of its kind on the market running on the GPU – ensures 100 times faster acceleration in a single processor, and can complete the necessary calculations within just a few minutes.

We also offer a “3-D unsteady free wake vortex panel” component that runs on the GPU, and that we have developed for rotary-wing platforms. When running on the GPU, this method provides a significant speed advantage, being up to 100 times faster than the central processing units found in desktop computers. The speed provided via the easy and user-friendly interface increases accurately with the performance of the GPU.

The code can handle any number of rotors and non-lifting bodies, features vortex core expansion and filament stretching models.

The GPU-Based Free-Wake Solver can retrieve geometry information from frequently used file formats, whereas the rotors can be modeled with an integrated blade geometry design tool.

Areas of Use

  • Modeling of the aerodynamics of rotary-wing aircraft
  • Rotor-rotor and rotor-frame interactions
  • Wind turbine blade design, performance evaluation and design validation
  • Wind farm turbulence interactions and layout optimization