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Aerotim Engineering is a technology company that specializes in rotary-wing aircraft, and offers innovative software solutions for simulators and aerial platforms.

Aerotim Engineering is an innovative technology company, dedicated to develop software for rotorcraft analysis and rotary-wing flight simulators.

In particular, Aerotim develops flight dynamic math models for EASA Level D certifiable Full Flight Simulators. This includes the development of the aerodynamic models, automatic flight control systems (AFCS), engine dynamics, related malfunctions, etc. Typically, all software is developed using flight test data and open literature information only.

Aerotim developed a unique capability to do this without the support of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) -a difficult job for many, but a task accomplished by Aerotim repeatedly, a rare competence around the world.

While Aerotim is a software company, our core know-how and expertise are in our fundamental understanding of the physics of rotary-wing aircraft.

Our background and project experiences are in flight dynamics model development, Full-Flight Simulators for rotary-wing Platforms, embedded systems such as autopilot systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Engine Control Units, and in the design and simulation of electric VTOL Vehicles. While our expanding project portfolio increases our experience in diverse areas and platforms, our team maintains a strong connection to the academic world, and continues to contribute through scientific publications.

Boasting more than 10 years of experience, Aerotim Engineering is able to offer a wide range of services, including project management and consultancy, subsystem software development, flight dynamics model development and fully integrated flight simulator development, all to international standards. Our flexibility in dealing with customer requests, ability to produce customized solutions, and low cost but, timely deliveries made us a sought-after company.

We are the only Turkish company among the few companies in the world that are engaged in the development of flight dynamics models for EASA Level D certifiable Full Flight Simulators. Our products are being used on various simulators in placed in European countries.

Our unique capability, that sets us apart from our competitors, is our ability to develop flight models without OEM support. We have done so several times for EASA Level D-certified simulator platforms for rotary-wing platforms. This is a rare capability around the world. In fact, as we are mostly active in Europe, our flight dynamic models are used in a number of operational Level D certified Full Flight Simulators (Airbus heli family, H145, H135, H125) in Europe.

Aerotim Engineering is gaining international attention. A significant proportion of our turnover comes from foreign sales. Since 2017, we have featured on the “Turkey’s Top 500 Service Exporters” list, prepared every year by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM). At the Service Exporters Meeting and Award Ceremony held in December 2019, Aerotim Engineering was announced as being among the top three exporting companies in the “Engineering, Architectural, Scientific and Other Technical Services” category of the Services Exporters’ Association.

The future looks exiting for Aerotim. Stay tuned to hear about our work and projects, shaping the future in VTOL.

2007 – Founded with the support of Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization of Turkey.

2009 – Prepared data package for the development of aerodynamic models in Havelsan’s HELSIM II Project.

2010 – Delivered its first dynamic helicopter model to ASELSAN.

2012 – Worked on aerodynamic models, rotor dynamic models, engine models and transmission models in Havelsan’s HELSIM Project, development of a an FFS for the S-70 Blackhawk helicopter.

2013 – Developed slung-load model for the HELSIM II Project.

2014 – Joined the ATAKSIM Project (Development of the FFS for the T-129 ATAK helicopter), and developed aerodynamic models, rotor models, engine models and transmission models, automatic control systems, etc. certifiable to Level D standards, all without OEM support.

2015 – Signed an agreement with an international company for the development of flight dynamics models of full-flight simulators in Germany.

2018 – An Airbus H145 full flight simulator running our flight dynamics models, and our simulation of the Helionix® autopilot without OEM support is certified by EASA to Level D standards.

2018 – Our proposal for the “Virtual Reality in High Fidelity Flight Simulation” project is accepted as part of the SME Instrument program carried out under HORIZON 2020. The first phase of the project is completed the same year.

2019 – Delivery of the ATAKSIM Project.

2019 – Ranked among the top three exporting companies in the “Engineering, Architectural, Scientific and Other Technical Services” category of the Turkish Exporters’ Association.

2020 – An EASA Level D certified Airbus H125 simulator running our flight dynamics models, , was delivered to its first user in Europe.

2020 – Started the development of the flight dynamic modeling of the H135 for a FFS Level D to be delivered the same year.

Development of the first domestic helicopter flight dynamic model for a training device.

Development of the first flight dynamics model with EASA Level D certification in Turkey.

Production and delivery of aeromechanical data to be used on a simulator (Cougar helicopter simulator).

Use of the vortex panel method on a GPU, and the achievement of 100 times the CPU speed.

Design of a physical parasailing model and control system.

Development of a physical model and autopilot model for an unmanned helicopter – developed through the transformation of a full-size manned helicopter into an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Design, production, testing, integration and flight of Turkey’s first Full Authority Digital Engine Control Unit (FADEC).

Development of flight dynamics models of the first helicopter simulator to be granted EASA Level D certification, other than by OEMs, in Germany.

Development and use of aerodynamic models, rotor dynamic models, engine models and transmission models for HELSIM – a comprehensive helicopter flight simulator program for the Blackhawk Simulator in Turkey.

Indigenous development of the flight dynamic models for Turkey’s attack helicopter, ATAK T129, including malfunction models.